Rent service charge

As a leaseholder living in one of our homes, you are required to pay a rent service charge. Service charges are made up of a number of different things and may include the following costs: staffing, communal heating and lighting, emergency alarm monitoring service, communal gardening, repairs, annual service contracts, and management fee.

The management fee covers the general cost of managing leasehold and shared ownership properties including the day-to-day services such as cleaning, gardening, repairs, undertaking major work consultations, producing the service charge accounts, etc.  The management fee also includes a contribution to the general organisational running costs such as office space, any IT equipment and services, financial management etc. The specific items contained in the service charge accounts for individual properties/schemes are determined by the terms of the lease agreement.

Your rent service charge will be payable from the date you complete the purchase of your home through to the point in time it is sold. You will be provided with an annual service charge cost and this will then be split down into 12 monthly amounts. This will be sent to you as part of your annual service charge account.

If you are a shared owner who has ‘staircased’ out to 100% ownership of your home, you will still need to pay your rent service charge, as this cost helps us to keep the rest of your development neat and tidy and ensures we carry out any essential communal repairs needed.

In your annual service charge account, you may also see an administration fee is applicable. Our administration fees are charged as one identifiable amount and helps us cover a range of services you have requested. This includes administering re-sales, providing duplicate sets of accounts, requests for a landlord reference for a mortgage application or new tenancy agreement, a home improvement request, dealing with permissions under the lease, etc.

In accordance with Schedule 11 of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, we will only charge a reasonable fee. Any resident being asked to pay an administration charge can apply to a First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) to determine whether the charge is payable or not and, if so, whether the amount being charged is reasonable.

A full list of all of our administration fees can be requested directly from our customer service hub.

Your leasehold or shared-ownership information

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