Staircasing and flexible tenure

Under certain circumstances it may be possible to change the percentage of the property that you own.

After your initial purchase, you can usually buy further shares in your home. Many of our properties can ,eventually be bought outright, this is called staircasing. The extra share you buy could be 10%, 75% or somewhere in between, depending on your Lease. The price of the extra shares is, determined by a market valuation taken at the time you wish to buy them. You will need to pay for a RICS valuation (carried out by a Surveyor with a Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors qualification) and our fees, as well as your own legal fees when you staircase. Where we are the freeholder of a property, this will usually be transferred over to you, when you have purchased 100% ownership.

JJH will only buy back leasehold/shared ownership properties in exceptional circumstances and subject to any express provisions set out in individual lease terms. Each request will, be assessed on its merits and any buy back will depend on the money available to JJH for this purpose. Leaseholders who request a buy back will,  be advised of our decision in writing.

For further information on staircasing and buy back please contact JJH

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