Repair responsibilities

Certain issues are your responsibility to resolve and some are our responsibility. We have set out some guidance on what is and isn't covered below.

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Our responsibilities
  • Repairs to sanitation ware
  • Repairs to plumbing to external areas
Your responsibilities
  • Replacing plugs in sinks/baths
  • Clearing blockages due to misuse
Our responsibilities
  • Repairs to heating and hot water systems
  • Repairs to gas fires
Your responsibilities
  • Setting any schedules/timers for heating to come on

General Maintenance

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Our responsibilities
  • All structural and external repairs  (unless damage is caused by resident)
  • Repairs to and painting of communal and/or external areas
Your responsibilities
  • Keeping your home in good condition and well decorated
  • Maintaining any appliances which you have brought to your home
  • Carrying out any repairs that were caused as a result of damage by you, a family member or visitor
  • Dealing with minor items such as:
    • Replacing lost keys and lock changes if keys are lost
    • Adjusting doors after carpets have been fitted
    • Clearing up broken glass inside your home
    • Repairing cracks in tiles and plaster work
    • Ensuring your home is clean, empty and in good order when you leave

Electricity and Power

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Our resposibilities
  • Maintaining any appliances which you have brought to your home
  • Replacing electric fuses, plugs and light bulbs
Your responsibilities
  • Repairs to installations where applicable. Some residents are responsible for the upkeep of these. If applicable to you, it will be discussed during sign up.