Property Scheme Drop-ins

Join one of our upcoming property scheme drop-ins and find out the latest updates about your property.

Topics that will be covered during the meeting include:

  • Rent and Service charges
  • Cost of Living and fuel increases
    • Home energy Efficiency
  • Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs)
  • Digital Services
    • New digital Warden Call systems
  • Homes and Building Safety update
    • Changes to fire safety regulations
    • Fire Doors and Compartmentation
    • Repairs
    • Estate Services
  • Digital conference

Who will attend?

Our property scheme drop-ins are open to all Johnnie Johnson Housing residents. At each session key members from our Neighbourhood teams will be there to listen to your feedback and update you on the latest news.

Where and when are they?

We are offering a range of dates and locations, some of these will be delivered in-person and some will be delivered online via a Microsoft Teams meeting. You can attend our online meetings by filling in the form below or attend one of our in-person meeting. To find out the dates and locations of the in-person meetings you can download the pdf documents below:

Download the in-person meeting dates and locations

Online Property Scheme Drop-ins:

  • North West and Y&D, Friday 10 March at 2pm
  • North West and Y&D, Monday 13 March at 2pm
  • North East, Thursday 23 March at 2pm

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