A guide to a budget friendly festive dinner

First Published: 06/12/2023

A guide to a budget friendly festive dinner

How to save money on your weekly shop

According to the Money Advice Service, people who make a list are three times less likely to overspend than those who don’t.

Get your pen and paper out (or use your phone) and jot down everything you need for the week ahead. Plan it down to a tee, including ingredients for each meal you plan to cook. It’s important to stick to your list and avoid throwing in any extras, to avoid splurging.

What is the cheapest supermarket for Christmas dinner?*

These were the results of Cashfloat’s study:

  1. Aldi – £29.88
  2. Lidl – £32.83
  3. Asda – £33.63
  4. The Co-Op – £38.14
  5. Morrisons – £38.15
  6. Tesco – £40.83
  7. Iceland – £41.17
  8. Marks and Spencer – £56.25
  9. Sainsbury’s – £61.41
  10. Waitrose – £67.75

Head to the frozen aisle for vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are great – but if you’re on a tight budget, you can still get your five-a-day in frozen form.

Also, if you’re getting a week’s worth of food in one go, buying frozen stuff means you’ll have fewer problems with food going off before you use it. Plus, research shows that fresh foods lose vitamins and minerals over time whilst freezing them preserves nutrients.

Use loyalty cards

It’s a good idea to shop around, but at the same time, loyalty can pay off. Loyalty cards can help you to rack up points at your favourite supermarket, which can lead to some juicy savings.

Just make sure no deals persuade you into buying something you wouldn’t normally purchase.

*This study was conducted by a company called Cashfloat.

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