Derwent Court – Helping you get digital

First Published: 08/03/2023

Derwent Court – Helping you get digital

You may have a friend, neighbour or relative who needs a little confidence boost to be able to get online. We provide support and guidance for those that want to get online, gain more confidence or increase their digital skills.

Our digital engagement coach, Jack, held a well attended digital drop-in session at one of our properties in Lancaster. Our residents at Derwent Court welcomed Jack and asked him questions related to digital services and devices.

Main topics that were covered in the drop-in:

  • Online security
  • Johnnie Johnson Housing online portal
  • How to reset your password
  • Social media

We received feedback from our residents, who said that they found this session very useful and learned a lot about how to start their journey online or improve their digital skills. We also offered residents one-to-one sessions with Jack, who was happy to provide tailored coaching with each resident based on their individual needs.

Digital support sessions

Our digital support sessions are tailored to our residents needs. If you would like to attend a digital drop-in at one of our properties or want to request an individual session you can show your interest by submitting this form on our website or speak to your Community Housing Officer. Our team will then be in touch to find out more and you can access information at a time and place that suits you.

What can you learn from these sessions?

  • Support to create an email address
  • How online search engines can help your daily activities
  • Keeping in touch using a video call
  • How to use social media and get involved with social activities online
  • Smart shopping online
  • How to compare providers, offers and prices online
  • Computer training courses
  • Online password security
  • Navigating and using our resident portal
  • Staying safe online

Jack, Digital Engagement Coach

Derwent Court – Helping you get digital