Quick and Easy Energy Saving Tips

First Published: 07/11/2022

We are all trying to minimise our energy bills at the moment, whether you are a homeowner, renting or living at one of our independent living properties there are many ways you can save on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

We have put together some quick and easy saving tips to help cut down your energy bills.

Use a thermostat or heating programmer rather than switching your heating on/off manually.


Set your thermostat to 18-21 degrees Celsius. A reduction of just 1 degree Celsius can save around £80 a year.


Dry clothes slowly on an airer in a well ventilated space, or outdoors, to save on dryer costs and reduce damp and mould.


Wash clothes at 30 degrees Celsius. A 10 degrees Celsius reduction can almost half the energy costs of a wash.


Make use of a slow cooker, they are much more efficient than a conventional oven and the food tastes great too.


Close internal doors to keep the heat where you want it.


Draughtproof to reduce heat loss and lower heating bills.


Only fill the kettle with as much water as is needed.


Tuck curtains behind radiators to keep the heat inside the room.


Defrost your freezer to save money.


If you’re worried about your finances, we can offer expert advice and support on a range of subjects.

We’re here to help.