Green Fingers: View the wonderful gardening of our residents

First Published: 04/08/2022

Residents at our Blenheim Court, Derwent Court and Boulmer Court properties have recently been hard at work in their communal gardens area, changing the garden’s appearance as well as socialising with each other. One of the loveliest aspects of the recent communal gardening is that it has allowed the residents at these properties to be brought closer together, perhaps even socialising with fellow residents that they previously had not interacted with as much.


Boulmer Court

The residents at Boulmer Court enjoyed socialising with each other, learning about different gardening techniques and planting a large variety of plants. We are very impressed with the results of their hard work.

Here are some before photos of Boulmer Court before the gardening began:


The after photos are shown below, which really highlight the great work done by our residents:



As you can see, Boulmer Court looks wonderful as a result of the work of our residents. They have really managed to add a lot of colour and extra cheer to this shared space. Well done to all who got involved.



Derwent Court

Derwent Court also got involved in the fun, creating a magnificent and colourful display. In particular, it was the work of five residents who have regularly tended to the gardens for a long time that have managed to make them so beautiful. Denise, one of our community housing officers, hosted a communal garden meeting which was well attended, no doubt due to the splendor of the gardens. Linda, a resident in Derwent, noted that she was made to feel very welcome.

Due to Denise’s suggestion there are going to be monthly gardening meetings, to help plan the future of the garden. It was noted at the meeting how good gardening can be for mental health and socialising, something that many residents have felt an improvement in due to their involvement in the communal garden.

Here are the lovely photos of Derwent Court’s gardening:





Blenheim Court

Alan and Elise, both residents at Blenheim Court, told us about how their involvement in the gardening has been a great social opportunity:

‘The garden has brought together the residents from a fun and financial prospect where everyone can take part.  A lot of the residents are joining in for the fun and others are contributing their Domino card winnings to our Garden Fund.  It is now a social gathering we can sit and enjoy looking at once a bare courtyard to a mass of colour. ‘

The residents at Blenheim have also started to make a vegetable garden with the use of troughs. Alan, who is a very skilled and keen gardener, has been overseeing the progress. His tomatoes are starting to mature from trusses into fully grown, juicy tomatoes which is very exciting. It is nice to see progress and growth from your hard work.

Veronica, who is a resident of Blenheim Court, decided to focus upon the front entrance of the residence. Her first action was to tidy the potted plants area by clearing up old soil. She also removed an old shrub with the assistance of the Fortem team, as well as drilling water holes in a new pot. The residents have used some of their funds, as well as much of their free time, in order to assist in improving the garden.

The communal aspect of gardening has allowed residents to connect with each other over a shared project. Fortem cleaners Alison and Tracy have proved to be a great help by assisting residents with their gardening tasks. Tivoli have also been very gracious in their approach to managing the gardens, happily clearing away debris and cutting back plants when needed.

These are some photographs of Blenheim Court before the residents began their gardening project:



You can view the wonderful after photographs below:


They have also added a relaxing seating area at the top of the garden area by adding new chairs and a new table with the help and organisation from Elsie and her family. Elise’s family also helped with the addition of new water features, something that the residents all kindly contributed to.


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