New responsive repairs service launching 1 February 2018 in North West and Yorkshire and Derbyshire regions

First Published: 22/01/2018

What can you expect from the new repairs service?

Our new service will offer residents a number of improvements, such as:

Repairs appointments will be made at the first point of contact
Repairs will be fixed first time where possible, therefore reducing the number of return visits needed to fix the issue
Increased rate of appointments being made and kept, which will result in reduced waiting times
Any follow up appointments will be made directly with residents in their own home to avoid any further delay
Improved communal repairs service
Enhanced communication of the service between Kier and resident

Who are Kier?

Kier are a leading property, residential, construction and services group operating across a range of sectors. They currently employ over 20,000 people worldwide.

In the housing sector, Kier deliver services to thousands of residents every day across the UK.  This equates to works in 250,000 homes, and carrying out 500,000 repairs every year.

To reassure and assist you with identifying Kier, please see below image of the vans that Kier will be using as well as the uniform that their employees wear. From Thursday 1 February if you report a repair this is who will be visiting your property. For more information please visit


Will there be changes to how you report a repair?

There will be no changes to how you report a repair.

How can you find out more about the new service?

We will be updating the website with more information about our new partnership and the responsive repairs service, in the meantime if you have any queries please speak with your independent living coordinator or member of the housing management team.

We are excited about the new service going live and as always look forward to receiving your feedback.