How to prevent mould

It is important for your health, to reduce any risk to your property of damp and mould. Mould often occurs because of condensation, watch this short video to find out what is condensation and what causes it.

Condensation can lead to mould

  • Check that electrical extractor fans fitted in your kitchen or bathroom are working
  • Make sure any trickle vents in windows are fully open
  • Try not to dry wet clothes on radiators
  • Ventilate the room when you boil the kettle, cook on the hob
  • Keep kitchen and bathroom doors closed when cooking or bathing, to prevent damp air circulating to other parts of your home
  • When checking for mould, look at any areas that are warm, dark and moist, such as cupboards under the sink
  • Check bedroom and bathroom ceilings for mould patches, which can be caused by incorrectly laid insulation in the eaves
  • Make sure items are not stored against any wall, especially an external one and that furniture is positioned away from walls
Minimise condensation

Minimise condensation

Ventilate your home by regularly opening doors or windows.

Keeping your outside space safe

Boundary walls, fences and gates – Do you have leaning, unstable walls or fences? Let us know if there are structural defects, cracks, or missing pointing.


Inside and around your home

  • Your windows are often the coolest part of your room so are prone to condensation. Keep curtains and blinds open during the day and wipe off excess condensation Open the windows slightly or use trickle vents if you have them. This will allow air to circulate which will reduce condensation and help moisture to evaporate.
  • If you have overgrown trees or hedges nearby, we can assess whether a tree surgeon is needed.
  • The pavement – The walking area should be flat and level with no raised edges, trip or slip hazards.
Condensation and mould

Condensation and mould

How to protect your home from condensation and mould

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What to do if you spot mould?

If you spot anything that needs attention, you can report it below 24/7 or call us and press one to connect to our responsive repairs service.

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