Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange is where you ‘exchange’ your house with either another Johnnie Johnson Housing customer or a customer from another housing association. This page offers all the information you need to find out more about the house exchange process, how to go about it, and if you're eligible.

You will need to consult us before being able to complete any mutual exchange and, in the first instance, we would advise that you speak to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer to discuss your circumstances.

There are a number of conditions which will need to be met before any house exchange can take place, including written consent from both housing associations, and any outstanding rent arrears will need to be settled before an exchange can take place. Your Neighbourhood Housing Officer will be able to guide you on the process.

It is important to note that when exchanging a property, you would take over the tenancy of the person you are exchanging with and they would take on your tenancy, so careful consideration is needed to understand any impacts this may have on either party.

To help guide you and give you a little more detail, we have put together a selection of questions and answers around mutual exchanges.

As we have already outlined, mutually exchanging your home is dependent on a number of different factors associated with both parties and their respective housing associations.

Please speak to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer in the first instance and they will be able to guide and support you through the process.

We are members of HomeSwapper, which is a national register for members wishing to exchange their homes and is open to all local authorities and housing associations across the whole of the UK.

You can register for free and download the HomeSwapper app to your phone or tablet, so you can keep up to date on homes which may match your needs. You will still need to discuss your mutual exchange with us, and we will still need to follow the correct procedure to complete the house exchange. Please contact a member of our customer service hub on 0345 305 5335 to discuss further.

It is difficult to put a timeframe on the process as it does depend on a number of different factors. By speaking to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer, they will be able to advise on all the criteria that need to be achieved to enable you to successfully exchange your home with another housing association customer.

You and the person you are looking to exchange with must have a good tenancy record and not have any outstanding notices or legal actions against either of you. Your rent account should be clear of any arrears and written consent must be given by both housing associations for the exchange to take place.

Once you have discussed your reasons for a mutual exchange with us, we can help guide and support you through the process. You will also need to pass a home inspection to ensure your home isn’t damaged and has been kept in good repair.

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