Can you get help towards paying your council tax?

Council Tax Support has changed from April 2017

  • Working-age households can only get help with their council tax bill
  • The way they work out support for families has changed
  • Council Tax Support for some working-age families is limited to two children
  • The rules on temporary absence abroad have change

How much council tax support can you get?

The amount of council tax support you can get depends on your local authorities’ council tax support scheme.  It is a means tested benefit and the amount you can get will depend on your individual circumstances.

How can you make a claim for council tax support?

If you need help paying your council tax, you can normally claim council tax support by visiting your local authorities’ website and using their online claim form. Alternatively If you need help claiming council tax support please contact our Income Services or Welfare Advisor who can guide you through the process. They can be reached via our Customer Service Hub on 0345 305 5335.

What happens if my circumstances change?

You will need to tell your local authority if your circumstances change as this might affect the amount of council tax support you receive. Make sure you tell them as soon as possible. If you don’t you may not get what you’re entitled to, or you may get too much and have to pay it back, or have your benefit stopped. You could even face criminal charges for fraud.

What changes should i tell them about?

  • Your home details: for example if change address, change your tenancy, or get a new landlord
  • Your payments: for example who they need to pay the benefit to, or the way the benefit is paid
  • Your circumstances and your partner’s circumstances: for example your name, job, the benefits you get, your income or savings
  • The people you live with: for example their name, job, and the benefits they get, their income or savings. Also tell them if someone moves out or a new person moves in
  • Your children: such as starting school or changing school – they will need the name and address of the school

If you disagree with the decision for council tax support or benefit you can:

  • Ask the benefits service to explain their decision more fully.
  • Ask them to  change their decision
  • Appeal about Council Tax Support to the Valuation Tribunal Service
  • Contact JJH Welfare Advisor who can help you with your appeal on 0345 305 5335