Keeping you and your home safe

JJH approach to fire safety

JJH has a multi-faceted approach to fire safety, developing infrastructure to the programmes that improve safety in the buildings, working with various departments to communicate the desired safety standards and discussing with residents to advise and guide towards optimising safety within their homes and communal areas.

View our Fire Safety tips here Fire Safety Tips.pdf [pdf] 403KB

Fire risk assessments, not the actual assessments but what we do

We instruct a type 3 Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) to be conducted on all sites which is more detailed than a typical type 1 FRA. This gives a good indication on all areas of the building of where the risks may be and gives recommendations on actions to either take or review for future programmes. This information is closely monitored and factored in to a variety of programmes.

Servicing info

Servicing is carried out across all compliance areas in accordance with the British Standards. There are various servicing schedules from fire panels, door entry systems, fire extinguishers, water testing, and gas boilers to name just a few.

Promote our primary authority status with GMFRS

GMFRS Whilst developing and improving fire safety within our buildings, this involves change. This can be from the products that we use, the approach that we take and the infrastructure that we build into the business. Having a close relationship with GMFRS allows us to review the approaches and programmes looking to be launched, gather feedback and support which helps shape the best possible safety standards whilst being mindful to our client base.

Fire door and compartmentation programmes

Fire Doors and Compartmentation are some of the most important elements to keeping people safe in a building. JJH has made a commitment to improving these areas amongst others to ensure that we have a high standard in ensuring our residents our safe within their homes. The programmes are initiated through specialist contractors and are regularly checked and evidenced for the good work being carried out onsite.