Signing up for your new home

A member of our team will make an appointment with you to complete a pre-tenancy assessment over the phone. This includes information relating to your income and expenditure. 
We will then ask you to provide by email or post, copies of your ID or proof that you comply with right to rent. We will not be able to move forward with the sign-up process until you have provided the relevant information.

We always recommend that the signing of your tenancy is completed digitally where possible. However, if you don’t have access to email we can arrange an appointment at the property. At the appointment particular attention will be paid to social distancing and hygiene.

Digital sign up

  • We will arrange an appointment with you to go through the documents over the phone
  • We will send your sign-up documents to you in advance of your sign-up appointment via email
  • We will ring you to go through documents and provide any additional information you require in relation to the property
  • Each resident will be expected to sign the tenancy agreement and return copies via email

Paper sign up

Social distancing and hygiene guidelines will be followed. Our colleagues are provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) and will be wearing masks and gloves at all times.


  • Prior to attending the property we will arrange an phone appointment with you, where you will be asked the three screening questions
  • When you arrive at the property you will be expected to phone a member of our team to let them know you have arrived
  • The property will be open for you and you will be expected to sanitise your hands before entering. There will be sanitiser available
  • The tenancy agreement will be in an envelope on the kitchen work surface
  • You should sign the tenancy agreement and place it back in the envelope
  • You should sanitise your hands and leave the property
  • When you have left the property a member of our team will go into the property, collect the envelope and leave the keys to the property on the work surface
  • We will then phone you to answer any questions that you may have and provide advice on your move as the property will now be yours

Banner sign up