Eviction Notice

In a very small number of cases, we have to issue eviction notices to our customers – it is not something that we like to do, and we understand it can be upsetting for everyone involved.

Eviction notices are always a last resort and our dedicated housing team will work closely with you to help overcome any issues you may be experiencing.

As a housing provider, it is our responsibility to ensure all of our customers are living in a safe and secure environment and not causing distress for others.

If we feel we are not able to come to a satisfactory resolution, we will be required to serve you with a written notice of intent to evict you from your home. Depending on the type of tenancy agreement you have, this notice period is normally either four weeks or two months. However, if you and/or or your family are associated with serious anti-social behaviour and/or domestic violence, we can start eviction proceeding immediately.

Following a written notice, if we still are not able to come to an agreement, we will apply to the court for a possession order. The court will then decide whether you can be evicted or not.

Evictions are always a last resort and we will work with you and your family to try to find a resolution. If you are worried about eviction and want to talk to a member of the team, call our customer service hub on 0345 305 5335.

Your tenancy information

While we hope to have the answers to all your questions on our website, if you're looking for more specific information regarding your tenancy, log into the portal to see your documentation.

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